Paperless / Paperless-NG



Paperless is a simple Django application running in two parts: a Consumer (the thing that does the indexing) and the Web server (the part that lets you search & download already-indexed documents). If you want to learn more about its functions keep on reading after the installation section.

Why This Exists

Paper is a nightmare. Environmental issues aside, there’s no excuse for it in the 21st century. It takes up space, collects dust, doesn’t support any form of a search feature, indexing is tedious, it’s heavy and prone to damage & loss.

I wrote this to make “going paperless” easier. I do not have to worry about finding stuff again. I feed documents right from the post box into the scanner and then shred them. Perhaps you might find it useful too.


Paperless-ng is a fork of the original paperless project. It changes many things both on the surface and under the hood. Paperless-ng was created because I feel that these changes are too big to be pushed into the main repository right away.

NG stands for both Angular (the framework used for the Frontend) and next-gen. Publishing this project under a different name also avoids confusion between paperless and paperless-ng.


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